Assembly Instructions for The SplatterGuard Protective Face Shield

 1) Assemble the Forehead Bumper

Fold the 3 scored/creased lines in the “t” shaped top (see Pic 1a) - to create a box-like shape (see pic 1b).


BE SURE the creases are folded completely to create a BOX. Not fully folding the creases will result in rounded structure which will not work - see pic 2 for proper structure/form.

2) Lock in the forehead bumper

Slide the tab through the slot on the front-top of the face shield (see pics 1b & 2) to create solid square forehead bumper.

3) Fit head strap around head, lock in.

Insert head strap through the opening on other end of the headstrap (see Pic 3). Pull lightly to tighten/fit.